Leading manufacturer of veterinary medicines and preparations

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The four pillars of our business

Quality confirmed by certificates

Thanks to the stringent quality standards and constant supervision over the production processes, we provide our customers with trustworthy products.

Investing in research and development

We cooperate with renowned universities, research centers and research institutes. Our staff are constantly developing their competences.

Great expertise and innovations

We combine decades of experience in the industry with openness to innovations and new technologies to introduce competitive products to the market.

Relationships based on trust

We focus on building long-term relationships with our partners. We act for the benefit of the local community and support the care of animals.

Effective and economical medications and vitamin preparations

We produce drugs and preparations in form of powders and liquids. Prophylactic vitamin preparations support the proper development of farm animals and their productivity.
customers who trust Vetos-Farma's quality guarantee and develop their business based on our products
years of experience in the production of an increasing range of preparations and veterinary drugs
countries on two continents where a wide selection of our products is available
registered preparations developed by our professionals who know the needs of the breeders

High-quality preparations for all kinds of pets

Thanks to a wide range of care and vitamin preparations for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and aquarium fish, we help the owners to care for the health and good condition of their pets.

Modern chemical and microbiological laboratories

Modern laboratory equipment operated by well qualified staff stands for professional services. Our constantly expanded offer includes a number of tests precisely tailored to the client’s needs.
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Zootechnical and washing products

Our flagship products in this category include spray and crayon preparations for marking animals that adhere perfectly to the skin. The range is completed with protective and caring products.

Science, technology, commitment and experience are our recipe for animal health and breeders’ success