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In January 2014, Vetos-Farma Sp. z o.o. received GMP certificates for veterinary medicinal products and medicinal products for people from the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guarantees production and control of its process in accordance with the requirements contained in their specifications and documents that authorize the marketing of a given product. GMP covers all aspects of production, starting from the main assumptions about the production facility, through the requirements in relation to raw materials, machines, personnel, up to the production process itself, and then storage and distribution of the manufactured product.

Main goals of GMP:

  • ensuring repeatability and quality of the product, taking into account its safety, cleanliness and efficiency
  • preventing the mixing of intermediates, products and materials, thereby preventing the pollution of one product or raw material to another.

Obtaining the right level of product quality becomes extremely important not only because of binding legal regulations, but also due to increased competitiveness.

Obtaining the GMP certificate by Vetos-Farma Sp. z o.o. guarantees the quality of products and services and is the basis for even wider expansion into foreign markets.

The originals of the certificates to be downloaded