The PFO Group has two modern and functional laboratories: chemical and microbiological. They are equipped with the most modern laboratory equipment operated by professional staff. We specialize in, among others, microbiological purity tests and sterility tests.

We examine, precisely, accurately, quickly and at competitive prices, in accordance with the customer’s standards: food, feed, plastics, building materials, metals, fuels.

Examples of the possibilities of our chemical laboratory:

  • weighing on analytical balances with an accuracy of 0.00000 g
  • determination of the melting point
  • measurement of the refractive index
  • viscosity measurement
  • HPLC analysis (high performance liquid chromatography) of organic and inorganic substances. Separation on columns and detection by means of detectors: mass (MS / MS quadropul), UV / VIS, diode, fluorescent, electrochemical.
  • GC analysis (chromatography and gas) of volatile substances (alcohols, esters, ketones). Column separation and detection with UV / VIS detector.
  • non-contact spectrophotometric analysis confirming the identity of organic with the use of NEAR IR
  • elementary qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • pH measurement
  • measurement of liquid conductivity
  • titration
  • determination of water content using the Karl-Fischer method
  • freezing point down to -50 degrees CFPP (cold filter plugging point) method for fuels
  • X-ray elemental analysis of metals
  • ash combustion and testing
  • optical rotation
  • centrifugation under vacuum
  • drying under vacuum
  • determination of tablet hardness
  • determination of tablet abrasion
  • determination of tablet disintegration
  • determination of the release of substances. from the tablets


Examples of the possibilities of our microbiological laboratory:

  • bacteriological and mycological analyzes
  • microscopic examination
  • water testing
  • examination of bread
  • determination of chlorides

Offer for testing the effectiveness of the sterilization process

The Microbiological Laboratory conducts research on the effectiveness of the sterilization process with the use of biological indicators. The offer is addressed to dental offices, aesthetic medicine offices, health care facilities, pharmacies, i.e. all institutions that, in the light of the latest acts and ordinances of the Minister of Health, are required to carry out inspections and collect relevant documentation.