Dzierżoniowska 21, 58-260 Bielawa, Poland+48 74 833 74
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Vetos-Farma Laboratory

We  test precisely, accurately, quickly, at competitive prices and in accordance with customer’s norms: food, feed, plastics, building materials, metals, fuels.


Vetos-Farma Group has two modern and functional laboratories: Chemical and Microbiological. They are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory devices, operated by professional staff. We specialize, among other things, in testing microbiological purity and sterility.

Exmples of laboratory capabilies: 

  • weighing on analytical balances with an accuracy of 0.00000g
  • melting point determination
  • measurement of Refractive Index
  • viscosity measurement
  • analysis of HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography and) of organic and inorganic substances. Separation on the columns and detection by means of detectors: mass (MS / MS quadropul), UV / VIS, diode, fluorescent, electrochemical.
  • GC analysis (gas chromatography) of volatiles (alcohols, esters, ketones). Separation on the columns and detection with a UV / VIS detector.
  • spectrophotometric analysis
  • noninvasive authentication of organic compounds using near-infrared NEAR IR
  • qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis
  • pH measurement
  • measurement of the conductivity of liquid
  • titration
  • determination of heavy metals
  • Water Determination by Karl Fischer
  • the freezing point to -50 ° method CFPP (cold filter plugging point) for fuel
  • X-ray elemental analysis of metals
  • Analysis of trace elements
  • combustion and ash tests
  • optical rotation
  • spinning in vacuum
  • vacuum drying
  • determination of tablet hardness
  • determination of tablet abrasion
  • determination of the disintegration of tablets
  • determination of the active ingredient release from tablets
  • purification on SPE columns
  • microbiology – bacteriological and mycological analysis
  • microscopic examination
  • water examination
  • determination of chloride